ARTIST Doug Sundling was raised in America’s Heartland and nurtured by her wilderness, and both have inspired a singularly artistic vision. The organic of Nature and the geometry of humanity fuse and diverge, conjuring works where the infinite and the momentary intersect. Sundling’s paintings, photographs, and art quilts evoke the imagination by rendering a glimpse of the flickering flame of life.

PAINTINGS. His acrylic paintings cover a spectrum of expression in their blending of color, light, and composition. His tonal landscapes express the vibrancy of Nature -- from delicate organic forms to powerful natural dramas like tornadoes, lightning, or sunsets. And his optical art paintings breathe new life into the cold calculus of geometry through his unexpected juxtaposing with the organic.

PHOTOGRAPHS. His photographs reflect timeless moments extracted from scenes experienced in majestic natural beauty or the rural intimacy of small town America.

WRITING as a way to express this dynamic relationship with life has come naturally for Sundling since first grade. In addition to several books listed on this website, he has authored numerous poems and essays.

ART QUILTS. From the fabric of his art quilts emerges compelling three-dimensional imagery. These fabrics evolve from Sundling's nontraditional geometric designs and his selection of organic patterns on fabric prints that are woven together by the traditional handiwork of an accomplished Amish quilter.